• Swathi Rai Electronics and Communication department, Assistant Professor, Sahyadri College of engineering and management, Visvesvaraya Technological University, Mangaluru, Karnataka, India



Nation Making Education, Spirituality, Fundamental Knowledge, Humanity, Foreign Culture


This paper is a study of the aspects of true Indian education according to Sister Nivedita. Here ‘true education’ means emphasizing on essential elements for building the right educational path to reach the real objective of humanity. The instrument of learning, the object of learning and the outcome of learning, these are the three basic elements Sister Nivedita elaborates in her work on National Education of India after her intense analysis and deep research. Behind the concept of education there must be a unifying force which she calls as ‘soul of education’ that trains the heart and will as much as the mind, not the mind alone as in current condition. In the minds of younger generation, education must create a wave of thought to spread knowledge to the unreached lives as one of the prime factor of nation making education. Only a man with such education will serve his motherland. This paper also deals in detail about foreign culture and its impact on the Indian education as perused by Sister Nivedita. 


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