MATTER: International Journal of Science and Technology <div id="focusAndScope"> <p><strong>ISSN 2454-5880</strong></p> </div> Global Research & Development Services Publishing en-US MATTER: International Journal of Science and Technology 2454-5880 PUBLIC ACCEPTANCE OF GREY WATER REUSE: A CASE STUDY & ANALYSIS IN THE UAE <p>Fresh water is considered a limited resource in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with full reliance on ground water and desalinated saline water. Grey water reuse has been investigated as a solution to reduce the demand for potable water and to provide an alternative water resource. However, public perceptions and acceptance of treated wastewater is a significant factor for adopting grey water reuse on a wide domestic scale. This study aims to investigate the factors influencing public acceptance of grey water reuse. A stated preference survey is designed and distributed in the different Emirates of the UAE. The results of the study suggest that there is still a lack of awareness in the perception of fresh water availability among residents in the UAE. Moreover, 70 % of the surveyed sample agreed to use treated grey water in applications not involving direct contact. Factors influencing public acceptance were found to be health risk concerns, lack of confidence in the water quality, lack of scientific knowledge about the treatment process and the potential uses of treated grey water. The results of this study demonstrate the potential for the public acceptance of grey water reuse, thus, its implementation in the UAE.</p> Bassant Abdelrahman Kazi Fattah Copyright (c) 2021 MATTER: International Journal of Science and Technology 2021-07-15 2021-07-15 7 2 01 09 10.20319/mijst.2021.72.0109 MULTISENSORY DESIGN: PRACTICAL CONCEPT TO EMPOWER PRODUCT PACKAGING DISPLAY IN E-TAILING <p>The digital environment has become the centre of the world with Covid-19 crisis. Businesses have been readjusting their strategies to respond to consumers’ needs and to survive the economic turning point. It is now more than ever vital to exist in a digital world with a distinctive competitive edge. However, investing in emerging technologies is not within the reach of every business owner. Consequently, this paper aims to combine practical technology with multisensory strategy and packaging design to attend to the immediate needs of businesses while addressing the challenge of connecting e-shoppers to products emotionally. The study adopts theories involving website design, packaging design, and multisensory design to construct a new concept intended to empower product display at phases of adding to cart and placing order. Findings showed that above all packaging design’s attributes, features providing touch perception are the chief factors contributing to evaluating products positively in e-tailing. Through websites’ interactive features, e-shoppers perceive a closeness with the product. The present research proposed a new concept named Interactive Appearance to enhance the product experience during online shopping activity. It further demonstrated that packaging design’s features and website design’s features are complementary to provide a positive condition for online shopping. &nbsp;</p> Leila Denmamode Copyright (c) 2021 MATTER: International Journal of Science and Technology 2021-07-15 2021-07-15 7 2 10 32 10.20319/mijst.2021.72.1032